The Psalms:
Extravagant Expressions of Worship -DVD

Listen to expressive narrations from thirty-four of the most loved Psalms
  • set to a backdrop of more than 900 amazing, breath-taking photographic images from around the world
  • tied directly verse-by-verse with the imagery depicted in the Psalms
  • set to an impressive range of uplifting thematic music

The Psalms: Extravagant Expressions of Worship is a one-of-a-kind production, taking the worshipper to a new level of hearing the Word of God while having one's heart captured by the beauty and glory of His handiwork throughout all of his dominion.

To order one or more copies of this DVD, simply click on the link below:

or call 1-877-993-9193  

Produced by Worship Productions in support of The Dwelling, a ministry dedicated to ministering the Lord's Presence through 24/7 worship:

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